Molchanovs Freediving Courses & Instructor courses in Tulum, Mexico

Freediving Courses

Stoked to be the first Molchanovs Freediving Instructor in Mexico! Join the revolution and learn with the best Freediving Education System, created by Freedivers FOR Freedivers!

You will have access the the amazing online, including videos, manuals, interactive map…

…and free lifetime weekly Base Training for Depths – Pool – Dry – Equalization, written by World Record Holder Alexey Molchanov, Goran Colak and Adam Stern!

Molchanovs WAVE 1 | Up to -20m | 3 days

Molchanovs WAVE 2 | Up to -30m | 4 days

Molchanovs WAVE 3 | Up to -40m | 8 days

Molchanovs Crossover Courses (From other agencies SSI, Aida, Padi…)

New! Instructor courses and crossover are now available in Mexico! Join the revolution and become a Molchanovs Instructor!

Molchanovs Instructor course in Tulum, Mexico | 10 days

Molchanovs Instructor Crossover course in Tulum, Mexico | 5 days

Molchanovs Instructor upgrade to W3I  in Tulum, Mexico | 2-3 days

Molchanovs Instructor crossover and upgrades | Remote (over internet)

Contact me for more informations and book your next course. Please add the desired Dates and Location.

Check out the gallery in “Cenote Freediving Trips”for more awesome pictures of the Yucatan Peninsula cenotes!

Freediving courses mexico